We don't ask what you can do for us, We ask what can we do for you?


Firstly, we recognise than networking is all about bringing businesses together to talk to each other to promote each others businesses. 


Traditionally, most networking groups ask that you bring new visitors in to replace the members that leave, but, you have to ask yourself why they leave in the first place?


If your company is getting more business out of networking than it costs you to be a member, it's an easy decision to stay. If you get less business out, than it costs you to be a member you won't continue. If your current networking group want you to pay big up front fees, that should be a warning sign. 


We only ask for monthly payments. There is no cost to join us. while online, we charge nothing for joining our meetings. Once we are back to face to face meetings, we pay for the venue, pay for tea, coffee and breakfast etc. All of your monthly fees go to cover these costs. 


But, like any business, we are always looking to grow ours, so we reward our members for helping us do that. 


For every member that you recommend who joins us, we'll reward you with £10 every month while they are a member. This will be set off against your membership fees to begin with, but quite quickly, we could be sending you a payment, monthly, for bringing members in who join. 


On top of this, we guarantee, at the very least, to help you bring in at least as much new business to your company as your membership fees cost you each year. If we don't, we won't charge you any fees, until you're back in profit from your group. You won't get this promise from any other networking group. We put our money where our mouth is. 


Come and see what we're all about and have some fun at the same time. Click here to try one of our meetings, or call us on 0800 994 9040