Welcome to the Local Business Network - a totally different way to network. 


How are we different?

We don't ask you to commit to an annual fee - just one payment each month covers your membership

  • We don't charge you one fee for membership, another fee for breakfast and yet another fee to join - just one payment each month covers everything.
  • We give you a guarantee that we will increase your business. If we don't your membership is on us 
  • We pay you EVERY MONTH, for all the members you introduce into every different group - not just the one you are a member of - earn money from your membership as well as increasing your profits
  • We support you every step of the way. Need marketing? We can help. Need advertising? we can help with that too along with business coaching, websites, apps for your business and videos to generate more business from your social media. We don't just take your money, put you in a room and ask you to find your own way.


Come and see for yourself how we are different. Our current meetings are online and totally free to attend. There's nothing to pay until we are having face to face meetings - so, you can build your business now for FREE!!